If you’re insulating your home or shed, you’re probably looking at what types of insulation are available. Here’s a guide. Fiberglass insulation is NOT your only choice.

 • Rolls: Long continuous roll of insulation that needs to be cut to the correct length. • Batts: Precut lengths • Blown in: Generally used for areas like attic

Rolls Vs. Batts Vs. Blown In

Faced vs. Unfaced: • Faced: Includes a vapor barrier • Unfaced: No vapor barrier

Wool Insulation

It’s easy to install and isn’t itchy. It comes in batts or loose.

Hemp is another option for insulation that isn't itchy, although most people seem to wear masks for cutting and installation

Hemp Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass is the traditional option for insulation that is easily available at your local store. It comes in batts or rolls, and many different R numbers.

Denim has none of the itch of traditional insulation. It may also be good for the acoustics in a room.

Denim Insulation

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