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Learn how to make your own archery  backdrop so you don't lose any arrows. It can be made for about $50!


–Pressure treated 2x4s for the frame – Pressure treated 4x4s or 2x4s for the feet of the frame – Stall Mat: 4×6′

Step 1: Build Your Frame

Start by building your rectangular frame. It helps to build it wherever you want to place it as it’s fairly heavy to move. You need to cut 2x4s at 45 degrees with a miter saw for the back side of the backstop so the mat won’t swing.

Step 2. Secure the Frame

Now it's time to attach the frame you just cut to the mat. We used large screws and washers to attach the mat to the frame.

Step 3. Cut Wood for the Feet

Cut scrap 2x4s to 45 degrees with a miter saw to brace the feet of the stand.

Next up, you want to brace the feet of the stand.  Without them, your stand WILL flop over.

Step 4. Secure the Feet 

And that’s it! This isn’t a complicated project, particularly if you are experienced at building things, but it’s a feasible beginner DIY project too!

Danielle Pientka

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