How to Create a

Shared Water Area in 2 Fields

When raising animals access to water is vital. I created a shared water area to make feeding in more than 2 fields easier. Here are a few farm hacks that you may find helpful.

Our Shared Water Area

To streamline my feeding tasks, I added a shared feed/water area where my horse field and goat/sheep field meet. This is so convenient!

Create a PVC Feeder

Another way to streamline feeding is to cut a PVC pipe in half and attach it to the fence where the fields meet. This allows more than 2 animals to feed.

Keep Animals Away From Cords

A cheap hack to help keep animals away from cords is to attach a PVC to the feeding area and run cords through the PVC. This keeps smaller animals from the cords.

Using Solar Panels

Solar panels are another option you can consider for lighting or electric use. It may be cheaper for a barn than having an electrician install wiring underground.

Visit to get more detailed information on this project as well as more farm hacks!

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