How to  Clean Your Washing Machine

You should clean your machine regularly to keep it fresh and germ-free, particularly if you do a lot of laundry!

Why Should I Clean My Washing Machine?

Debris can stay in the tub of the washer, mold can grow in the rubber area of front loaders.

Cleaning the Washing Machine with Steam

I simply run a load with steam and/or hot water.

How to Clean a Washing Machine with Vinegar

To use vinegar, I just dump about a cup into my washing machine. By itself- no clothes, no detergent, no other chemicals or additives. Then I run a cycle.

I use the bleach as it’s intended to be used on clothing.

Cleaning the Washer with Bleach

This is the “safe” option because it is MADE for the machines. You drop the Affresh tablet in your washing machine by itself and let it work.

Cleaning the Washer with Affresh

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