How to Build the Frame for a Run-In Goat Shed

What Do You Need in a Goat House?

– Sturdy – Provides cover from rain, wind, snow, and sun. – Good ventilation to keep it from getting stuffy in the summer. – Tall enough to get inside to clean.

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How to Build a Frame for the Goat Shed

Cutting the Wood for the Sides

Build the sides for your frame out of pressure treated 2x4s. The top of the sides will be at an angle so the roof is sloped. This allows water, snow, and ice to slide off the roof.

You'll want a miter saw to cut some of the boards at an angle.

Make sure corners are square.

Assembling the Back Frame

The back frame of the goat house is a large rectangle. It's the shorter side so snow slides down the back, not the front.

You'll build the front piece similarly, but it will be taller and have a large opening on one side for the entrance.

Assembling the Front Frame

Putting the Frames Together

You'll assemble the frames on a flat area in the yard.

Perfect! Danielle

Additional Supports

These supports help brace the building and make it more sturdy.

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