How to Make

Scratch Paper Art

with a laser cutting machine

DIY Scratch Paper Art

Laser Cutting Project

Order black scratch paper.

Design your image: sketches/photos work well.

Set design to ENGRAVE at 20 power/200 speed (10W machine)

Resize design to fit scratch paper. Click Process.

Frame. Click Start.

Let M1 Engrave.  Supervise in case of fire!

Remove from machine!

Some had odd issues such as this. Cleaning the lens helps, but also look at the original image to make sure there was no 'noise' that wasn't as visible in the design software.

Many of the designs came out really well, but the scratch paper is VERY sensitive to any accidental scrape/touch.

If you want, you can embellish the paper after it engraves with the included 'pencil.' I decided to have fun.