DIY Easter Tokens

Place your 3mm Balsawood on the mat. I'm using Air Assist and the Honeycomb Riser. To hold my wood in place, I use the black magnetic clips.

Create and layout your designs. My egg and bunny designs are 1.5-1.75" tall max to fit inside the eggs.

Click "Process." Frame your project to ensure that everything is lined up correctly.

Once framed, click "start" and press the button on your machine. The machine will engrave your design first.

When the engraving process is complete, the M1 Laser Cutter begins to cut the tokens out.

Remove tokens, sort (if desired), and place in your Easter eggs! I made five sets for our annual Easter Egg hunt with 20 kids.

I LOVE these non edible treats! My kids always get MORE than enough candy each year.