Chicken Run Ideas

for happy hens!

Idea 1: Chickens Love Gardens!

Use your garden as a chicken run during the off season. The chickens will till the soil, add fertilizer to the ground, and eat the weeds.  Just remember to predator-proof the area!

Idea 2: Electric is easiest!

When it comes to keeping ground predators out, electric fencing is my preferred option. The electric netting can't be climbed, it's easy to setup, and it's easy to move. I move it in slightly to mow  around the perimeter. No  weed wacking!

Idea 3: Baling Twine is Free!

Baling twine across the top helps keep the chickens in and may prevent aerial predators from getting in--- but it's NOT 100%.

Idea 4: Screw Hooks

Screw hooks help keep the electric netting up against the sides of the smaller run.

Idea 5: Add Plants!

Plants and trees can help provide shade and protection. These chickens are roosting under some established elderberry bushes.

View the tour of my garden moat chicken run on YouTube!

My chicken run goes around our garden which makes farm chores easier. Check out the full tour!