What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a way to grow food indoors in water rather than soil. The gardener adds nutrients directly to the water.

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Why Garden indoors?

I love gardening indoors because the climate is always comfortable, I can grow a lot of produce in a small area, and plants are always a fantastic addition to a living space! I can also grow fresh herbs for cooking! 

And with hydroponics, there's no messy soil and no weeding!

What is the Gardyn?

The Gardyn 1.0 and 2.0 are indoor garden systems that help walk beginners through the process of hydroponics. The system includes: lighting, a pump, and some beginner pods with seeds to get started!

What can I grow?

The Gardyn offers pods to grow everything from a variety of lettuces and herbs, to kale, strawberries, lavender, and more! Lettuce is my favorite item to grow indoors! I could dedicate an entire system to salad!

Can I put my own seeds in the pods

Once you use the pods (and resulting plants) that are included with the Gardyn, you can compost the used rockwool, rinse the pod, and reuse it with fresh rock wool and seeds.

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Ready to get started?

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Check out this root system

It's FASCINATING to see how the root systems develop in these pods. You can rotate pods to different sections of the garden system so the pod can have more or less light. It's a great science project to work on with kids!

What else do i need?

The Gardyn systems come with everything you need to get started. Eventually you'll need to replace plants as you eat them, and there's a few helpful items to buy. I love these pink ycovers for blocking light to prevent algae from growing on the rock wool.

You'll want a fan

A fan isn't included, but you can use a regular household fan. I have a special outlet to run a USB fan that clips to the top of my tower. The fan simulates the breeze, helping to build stronger plants and pollinate fruiting plants.

There are cameras!

The most fun feature on the Gardyn are the two small cameras! After a month, you'll be able to pull up a time lapse video of your indoor garden's growth. It is SO satisfying to see how far you've come.