Wondering how to clear land? 

Here are some ideas for clearing land affordable.

Having a company clear land for you can cost thousands of dollars. Here are some ideas to save money- although you may need to do some hard work to get it done!

Rent or Buy a Chain Saw

If your property has smaller trees to clear, you can often cut them down yourself using a chain saw. Just make sure to use safety gear and BE CAREFUL.

Pole Saw

A pole saw is helpful for trimming trees and pruning low hanging branches. This makes it easier to mow under them!

Use a Tractor + Bush Hog

A tractor with a bush hog attachment can often cut down a significant amount of brush in a short time. It's similar to mowing.

Wood Chip the Brush

Once you clear the brush or trees, you can wood chip the brush, or burn the wood, depending on local laws. Wood chips work great for muddy areas on the property.

Goats can clear land!

If you're patient, you can rent or buy a herd of goats to clear the land. The best savings would involve buying a herd of young meat goats, let them clear the brush, then sell them for meat or for clearing land.


Pigs are effective too!

Like goats, pigs can clear a lot of land. They even dig up roots with their noses. You'll want to get enough pigs for the acreage you need cleared, and they may not be able to take out big trees. Again- butchering may give you the most "ham" for your buck. Pun intended.


The Right Tools for Your Job

What's important is that you find the right "tools" for your job, and your property. Some people love raising meat animals and using goats/pigs are the perfect solution. Other people need land cleared faster, and maybe renting heavy duty machinery would be a good option instead of hiring someone else to do the work with their machines. If you're trying to clear big trees near a home, fencing, or other structures, hiring someone with insurance is probably your best bet. We've clear some small trees far away from our home, but we'd hire a pro for the big trees. Many companies offer tool and equipment rental, and may even deliver large land clearing equipment to your home.

Don't forget to ask yourself if you actually NEED the land cleared.

Before you begin, ask yourself IF and WHY you need the land cleared.  Historically, people cleared land for livestock, but recent animal husbandry practices for small acreage lots have shown that cows, goats, sheep, and horses can be raised in silvopasture. Silvopasture is when farms intentionally use trees as a strategic part of their grazing system.  Trees provide shade for animals, and they create a much cooler microclimate in the hot summer months. In the equine world, some people make elaborate "tracks" through the woods which gives their horses an interesting, engaging, and natural environment to exercise and play.