Affordable Homeschool supplies for 

Elementary school

Homeschool can be:

☑ Affordable ☑ Fun ☑ Engaging

These are the resources we loved.

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Prodigy Game

 The kids get to play a fun game that incorporates math problems in the pet battles.  You can target math that you're working on currently, and you will get detailed progress reports

Prodigy: Free Basic Plan


Board Games

Use board games that you already own to teach about money, history, geography and more!

Favorite Board Games



Pull out your spare change and teach the kids how to count money. Play "store" with them and let them shop for groceries in your pantry with a set budget.


Reading Eggs

For language arts, Reading Eggs is a program that can engage kids in activities around reading and language arts.

Reading Eggs: $9.99/mo



YouTube is one of my favorite resources. We love Operation Ouch to learn about our body and how it works (science/health). We also watch a lot of "how it's made" videos. Ie. How to make sugar from sugar cane.

Tip: When searching for a topic add "for kids" to get more kid friendly material.  Ie. Gravity for kids.



This interactive video game is FREE and covers topics throughout history. We usually did one chapter together per day for a week of a history topic.

Mission US: Free


Library Books

Click to my blog post to see the list of our favorite books to borrow from the library! When we hit upon a topic we like, we deep dive using more detailed books, YouTube, and more!


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