Video Tutorial for a Fabric Aquarium Background: Sew or No Sew

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How to make your own aquarium background easily and affordably.

I’ve had this great new aquarium that I’ve done a couple DIY or tutorial posts for in the past, including an aquarium stand update, how to clean a fish tank, and fish tank setup.

I have really needed a background for the tank though because my filter tubes get gross and you can see them through the glass of the aquarium… and I can’t seem to keep them clean enough for my taste, especially where none of the brushes I’ve found reach far enough in to get them clean throughout. Also, my fish are super skittish and I was hoping that blacking out one side of the aquarium would make them feel more secure. We can hope.

For this project, all I used was a big cut of black felt and some fusion velcro. Felt doesn’t fray so I didn’t need to sew at all, just cut out the fabric to the size I needed for my aquarium. The velcro was ironed on (please see instructions on materials or tutorial for more information). You could also just sew regular velcro onto your felt, and then glue the opposite velcro side onto the aquarium. I stuck mine on and wasn’t able to apply the heat because the aquarium is full and too close to the wall to try heat… I may glue it down in the future if I plan to swap out backgrounds a lot, but I think it will work for the moment.

Below are some links for the appropriate supplies (using these affiliate links to access Amazon to shop helps support my blog, thank you!)… there were some other options for sizes of felt and Velcro so you may want to look further, but I wanted to give you a snapshot of what I got for mine.

I did opt to embroider a small Tardis on mine… I would’ve done more, but I really couldn’t think of anything else I wanted on there yet, but I’ll update if I think of something cool. I really mostly wanted the black backdrop. I like the idea that I can make a few different backdrops and exchange them out depending on my preferences. That all said, my embroidery machine doesn’t do huge designs and I think it’d be nice to be able to do something slightly larger for my fish tank, given that it’s 29 gallons.

Here’s a video of how I made mine.

Sharing is caring!

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