The Tot Clock for Toddler Sleep Training: Review, Comparison Between Models, and Tips for Use

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Comparison of the Tot Clock and the new vs. original versions.

This is a review of The Tot Clock and a comparison between the older and newer model. This

clock has been helpful for sleep training our first son so I’m excited to share this product with you. 

I LOVE these clocks.

I did not love ordering a second for my youngest son’s room and discovering that the different models of this clock are a different size. There were tantrums galore because apparently the smaller (newer) clock is “better.”  I really was sure that we’d avoid this problem by getting the same clock, but alas it was not to be. I even pulled out the “but this one is BIGGER” line and mentally flayed myself for doing so. No tricking these guys.

But regardless, I love these clocks. So I’m going to take a few to explain why you might want one and what the features are… I even included a video showing how it works at the end!

Just a general disclosure, I do have an affiliate link at the end of this post if you’d like to purchase one of these… if you use it, I receive a commission, but at no cost to you. Otherwise this post is not sponsored by the company… I just wanted to write about it because I love them and I like sharing the love.

Features of the Tot Clock

This pertains to the newer version, but many of these features are also on the older version as well.
  • Durable
  • Alarm option
  • Grows with your child
  • Bedtime Timer (Dark Blue)
  • Nap Timer (Light Blue)
  • Discipline Timer (Red)
  • Rewards Timer (Green)
  • Easy to set… I didn’t need to look at the instructions to figure this out.
  • Customization if you change the face plate (available for purchase separately).
  • Purchase Tot Clock Treasures to change the story and music for your clock.
  • Battery backup
  • Digital clock AND a traditional clock face.
  • Sturdy handle for your child to take his clock with him.
  • Set the clock up to play music, tell a story, or play white noise for bedtime or nap.

New Vs. Old Version 

The new version is smaller. I liked the size of the old one better because they’re toddlers and the large size was nice for them to see from far away. It’s the only feature I miss though… otherwise the new version is much better.

The clock offers a removable face plate that covers up the controls… this keeps your child from easily changing their sleep and nap times, as was an issue with the older version. G always changed his clock so I’m sure this will be nice. That said, a persistent toddler could likely get the face plate off.

In this version, you can dim the blue light or turn it off. Some people complained that the blue light on the old version was too bright. I kept it far away from my son’s bed and I didn’t think it was a huge issue, but I definitely dimmed this one.

The clock face in this is set when you set the time for the digital clock- so you don’t need to change settings in two different areas.

In this version, you can also set the wake and sleep times differently for weekends vs. weekdays. This is a nice feature if your kids are the type to sleep late. There’s also settings to use this as an alarm clock. This isn’t a feature I’ve needed to try as my kids are up at 6am on the dot.

If you owned the old version, you just hit the button you wanted for 5 seconds to turn it on. With the new version you need to tap it once, then hit it again for 5 seconds. This is a great way to keep kids from turning the clock features on.

I did briefly check out the sounds and I can’t compare this well to the old version as I don’t use this setting. The white noise option is decent, but a true white noise machine is better for that in my opinion. I like that the volume on this all can be adjusted.

Tips for Sleeping Training with the Tot Clock

  • Explain the lights. Repeatedly. If my son wakes up in the middle of the night, I will soothe him back to sleep, but I make sure to sleepily point out, “Oh no the clock is still BLUE. It’s night night time.”
  • When he wakes and the light is yellow, you MUST. RESPOND. IMMEDIATELY. It helps to sound as awake as you can and say “Oh it’s YELLOW! It’s awake time!” If you try to push it and make baby wait for you a bit, they may get a mixed message about what the clock colors mean (at least initially).
  • Add batteries. Once your child understands how the clock works, you don’t want to deal with the repercussions of a power outage. Batteries will allow for backup to the electrical cord.
  • Consistency is key. You can’t put your kid to bed before the clock turns blue because they will KNOW from looking at the clock. The trick around this? You can hit the dark blue button to start bedtime early. I recommend being sneaky about doing this. We don’t do it often, but occasionally our sons are just break down tired and one of us will run upstairs to hit the blue button while the other one brings the boys upstairs. “Oh look, it’s blue… who would’ve thought…” 

Below is a video of our Tot Clocks that shows how to use your clock!

I tried another clock on market and wasn’t a fan. It wasn’t an easy to setup. I haven’t found a better product and I was looking because these were off the market briefly when they were upgrading to the newer model. I hate that I wasted money on a clock I didn’t end up loving.

I think these Tot Clocks are amazing and awesome. They make great gifts for parents too, if they don’t already have one.

Interested in purchasing a Tot Clock for your child? You can help support my blog by purchasing from the affiliate link below (at no additional cost to you)… and if you have Amazon Prime, you may even qualify for free one day shipping on this depending on your location.


Original vs. New Version

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