Toddler Games: Buttons and Jars

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This is my toddler’s favorite game that he devised almost completely by himself. I hoard glass jars and baby food jars are the best for storing small items so I had a bunch of fun jars near my sewing desk. G found them and loves putting lids on and taking them off. I gave him some white buttons I had sitting around and showed him how to put them in the jars. Now he likes to put them in, pour them out, pour them in the other containers, etc. I think I may buy some different color buttons as well so he can work on his colors.

This may need to be a highly supervised activity if your toddler (or dog- sigh) try to eat the buttons. This is one item that G is good about not eating fortunately. Unfortunately, I’m babysitting my brother’s dog who seems to think buttons are a delicacy.

Here’s a big bin of buttons off Amazon:

And here’s buddy playing with his buttons… 

Sharing is caring!

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