TBT: My Dream Home

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I figured I’d share some throw back photos seeing I’ve been going through the albums. So here’s TBT for the week (throw back Thursday if you’re not “in the loop”)…

When I was a child, we lived in a home that my dad (a builder) designed then added onto later. Off the dining room he built a long deck that led straight to a gazebo, but if you turned to left off the deck there was a fenced in area for the dog to run. Now I realize how convenient it would be to have dog in a separate area to potty.

The gazebo was one of my favorite places to play because I was covered and away from bugs, but still outside. I used to setup “school” for my brother and other neighborhood kids or do tea parties with orange juice and crackers.

I loved that house- particularly the landscaping and our small, but cozy library (book lover!). I particularly loved how there was gazebo and also a room upstairs that really brought the outside in.

Much much of our time was spent outdoors where we had a swing set and just enough “woods” for me to play in where my mom could still yell for me. We had a small “pond” (swamp) that was mosquito heaven and we’d catch frog eggs or tad poles in during the summer. 
So much fun. I hope that I can replicate some of the beautiful landscaping in my home over the years… 

Sharing is caring!

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