How to Make a Simple Braided Fabric Basket with Handles {Scrap Buster!}

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How to Make Your Own Basket.

How to make a simple basket with handles out of fabric scraps that you have saved up over time. Simple. Gorgeous. And Green.

The Konmari people hate me. They really do. Anyone else? I save all. the. things.

I have been working to declutter, but I certainly won’t just toss beautiful things. And I am a total fabric hoarder. When I went to move my sewing items upstairs into their own room- SO EXCITING- I had to go through my two huge bags of scraps. I put some out in the compost because they were too small to use. Others I kept for particular uses. But I had some thin strips of fabric that really would be great to braid. So that’s what I did- and I found myself wishing I had more scraps so I could make more and more of these. It’s so very pretty.

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  • Scrap fabric
  • Needle and thread for hand sewing (sorry in advance)
  • Somewhere to store your scraps until you’ve got enough to make this.
  • Binder clips


This one is definitely a more time consuming project because of the hand sewing involved. The braiding is pretty simple by itself, but you need to combine them into the shape of a basket by sewing.

I transferred my scraps into a big 5 gallon bucket for storage… as I got more pieces, I braided them into my string of fabrics rather than just tossing them in there. This saved room for more scraps because braiding compressed them a bit more. I used a binder clip to hold the end so the braid wouldn’t come undone.

I also used some fabric that I didn’t love- the texture wasn’t quite right for anything I wanted to make, but the color itself was pretty. I cut it into strips to make this (the light blue for the bottom). This allowed me to finish the basket sooner than if I’d tried to save up ALL the scraps.

Cutting fabric to braid for the basket.

As you braid the pieces together, you can just keep adding pieces of new fabric scraps into the braid… or you can sew all the scraps into three long strips. I just braided mine in as I went.

Braiding the fabric to create a fabric storage bin.

Once you have enough braided fabric, you’ll form the approximate shape that you want. You need to build your base first. Once you build and sew your base pieces together, you can build up the walls. I just used a simple hand stitch to hold the braids together and in the correct shape.

The base of the storage basket in progress.

At the end, I made handles on each side by forming the upside down U and hand sewing each side of the U very well (as I went around with the last braid of fabric along the top). You want to go crazy sewing the handle areas to add extra support as the handles will take much more wear and tear than the other areas.

And it’s finished. My fingers were pretty sore from the hand stitching so I had to work in shorter periods of time, but I was so excited to finish it. This isn’t going to stand up to heavy use, but it will be great for storing light weight objects or for putting on display to store things. This will go in our guest room to hold supplies and such that guests might need during their stay.

How to make a simple braided fabric basket with handles.

View of the inside of the basket, including my hand stitching.

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11 thoughts on “How to Make a Simple Braided Fabric Basket with Handles {Scrap Buster!}”

  1. This is so cool! I've seen baskets like this made with newspaper, but fabric would be much sturdier. P.S. I love the KonMarie method, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate you keeping things to use for later and recycling. If it's useful and upcycling things brings you joy, then it fits! 🙂

    • Haha well I have a nasty habit of keeping *everything* because there so many fun projects to be done. Teehee. I try to upcycle as much as I can though and freecycle the rest. I hate adding to landfills.

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