Serger and Upcycling Fun

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new projects with my brother 1034d serger

Check out my rockin’ Christmas present that Daddy B got me! It’s a Brother 1034D Serger and it’s been SO much fun to learn to use. On the left is a picture of my machine after I threaded it for the first time- complicated, but made easier by using YouTube videos. I still don’t enjoy when the thread breaks and I have to rethread, but it’s pretty manageable.

Of course I want to serge EVERYTHING now that I’ve got this figured out. I ended up looking up a lot of YouTube videos on different techniques, ie. serging curves. I decided it was a good time to work on some more Mama Cloth (previously done by turning and topstitching here), seeing they’re not items that get seen by anyone besides myself if they get messed up, I need more, they’re way easier to do serged, and it’s good practice for going around curves. I also made a bunch more cloth wipes and another QSFW diaper serged (very difficult actually).

I made 10 new Mama Cloth in Panty Liner size, although they’re fairly thick so they might work for slightly heavier flow. There is not, however, any waterproofing involved so it’s not made for a super heavy day.

I took 32 cuts of sweatshirt fabric upcycled from one pair of my husbands sweatpants. I also upcycled the fabric from my old glider cover which is minky- great inner for panty liners because it doesn’t pill like flannel does and it’s soft.

I used 1 layer minky and 3-4 layers of the sweatshirt fabric.

Once I serged those layers together, I added snaps to the wings. I also just used my sewing machine to sew through the middles of the Mama Cloth. One thing that was difficult was adding the snaps because I use snaps that are meant for cloth diapers. These Mama Cloth were fairly thick so it was hard to make the snaps work for these… I think the longer snaps would work great, but I didn’t have any. I’m tempted to try leaving off the wings on the middle layers of the Mama Cloth to decrease the thickness, but I haven’t tried it yet.

how I made my own mama cloth using my serger

Here are two of my finished products.

Psyched I got to practice LOTS with my new serger AND I got to use some of the fabric I’ve been saving to upcycle for so very long.

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