Quick Boys' Bathroon Update

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Our roommate moved out and we are so happy to have that bathroom back because a small bathtub is wayyyyy easier for bathing wiggly boys. And G is potty training so it’s nice to have a bathroom for him to use. I wanted to paint because- as you may have read in prior posts- all our walls have one coat of flat paint. It’s tough to wipe clean.

So I used leftover paint from the nursery and painted three of the walls in the bathroom. I may eventually paint the last wall the same dark blue as our dining room, but I’m hesitant to mess with that wall because the toilet, the mirror, and the sink make it hard to work around.

I also added a small coat hook rack for the boys to hang their towels on, as well as for us to hang the wet bag. It’s on a stud so it should support the weight of wet bag. I want to get the boys to start being more conscious of where they put their stuff and teach them to save their towels for more than one use. I also use a similar item in our mudroom for their jackets. Just low enough for them to reach.

On the side of the toilet, I had a small rack for magazines. I decided to put a few children’s books in there because sometimes I’ll sit beside the tub while they play and read to them.

This looks like the same rack we used, but we got ours used from a friend who didn’t want them anymore (following the affiliate link below helps support my blog, thank you!):

Here’s the final picture with our brown curtain. I kept the regular towel bar because I wanted something for guests to hang their towels (this is also a guest bathroom).

Sharing is caring!

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