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I loved the play store that I saw on Welcome to the Mouse House. I decided to get Daddy on board to help build one of these for the kids, but he didn’t want to screw anything into the wall.

Instead, we bought a ClosetMaid 899600 6-Cube Stackable Laminate Organizer, White, flipped it on the side as she did, and added a long board with two legs. I glued on some picnic table fabric I’d found a while back in the remnants bin.

how to make an easy shopping center for pretend play

Using small boxes, I made some fabric storage bins to put foods in. You will need spray adhesive for both the boxes and the picnic table fabric so pick up a can. It comes in useful for me quite frequently.

I also added his favorite play toys:

And an assortment of toy foods and upcycled food containers.

how to make your own play store

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