New Paint Colors

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I’m painting again… This time I’m painting my first floor because the builder put in light colored flat paint. In my kitchen. In my half bath. The mudroom. Office. Living. Family. Dining.

Not happy to be repainting but I can’t wipe oven splatters off the walls so this needs an upgrade. Sad and a ridiculous expense to have at this point, but we’ll make it work. If you didn’t see my prior post, I used Valspar Color Connect to help me pick out my colors… it’s a free service where they help you chose colors. Very helpful!

First, we moved furniture, took stuff off the walls, and washed the walls. My 3 yr old helped and I put a mix of warm water and a splash of blue dawn in a spray bottle, handed him a scrub brush, and he washed the walls in his reach. Which were the only parts that needed washing.  Look how helpful he is! That said, he goes “uh oh!” and I see where he scrubbed, there’s a “hole” in the paint that goes down to the drywall. Our verdict is that there was only one layer of flat paint on over the drywall. It explains a lot as we’ve had other areas that have worn through to drywall as well.

Needless to say, I decided to NOT prep the walls by sanding or washing as you’re supposed to because the only way to get stuff off was to scrub the walls, and then obviously that ate into drywall. I didn’t see much of a choice, and fortunately painting over everything worked fine.

Want to see how bad the walls looked? These are the two walls near my son’s old computer desk.

This is picture of what happens when you scrub too much.

When we were at Lowes, I found this Wagner WallPerfect SMART Edge Roller. The price on Amazon currently is less than what I paid at Lowes, but those prices change so I’m not sure that will stay consistent. This tool has really poor ratings on Amazon, but we had EXCELLENT luck with it. We were able to use it for all the cream in my coffee paint (wish I’d had two so I didn’t need to tape for the blue paint too) and no taping was required, with the exception of putting tape over the outlets. I suppose we could’ve skipped that too and just gone around with this tool, but it’s so little tape and it’s a lot faster to use the bigger roller.

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The bad part of the tool was that it’s pretty intense to clean. I don’t mind cleanup much and all the pieces came apart for cleaning so it wasn’t terrible, and I hate tape WAY more, but it’s worth mentioning. You also can’t just easily switch between colors with only one of these because there’s a lot of cleaning and drying that needs to occur. So if you really want to use it for a project where you use more than one color, it might be worth getting one for each color. I’m hoping this stands up to the test of time because they’re not terribly expensive and tape IS.

Here’s a video of us using it briefly… I may eventually update in a future post with a video of cleaning and filling it, but I had my hands full at the time.

So for this past weekend, I set the goal of repainting our mudroom, half bath, dining room and office. I didn’t want to try to do too much and be miserable.  I used Valspar Reserve Satin in Cream in My Coffee for the light color, and the blue is Presidential Blue. The blue looked terrible next to the green tape, but awesome once we removed the tape. It definitely had me worried for a bit. I only seemed to need one layer of the Cream in my Coffee (which was very close to the original color I had on my walls), but I used two layers of the Presidential Blue.

I have a fish tank in my dining room so I had to empty it enough to move it away from the wall… not an easy task and I was concerned about fumes and temperature from the windows being open to air out the fumes. But I tried to work quickly and on the fish tank corner first so as to minimize the time they had no heater, filter, and very little water. They seem no worse for the wear so phew.

I’m just going to share the pictures of the half bath and dining room as the other rooms don’t look a whole lot different given the similar paint colors… they just look a ton CLEANER which was the goal.

So pleased.

I’m hoping the walls will be a lot easier to clean and wipe down. The nursery apparently was a different type of paint and is a lot more easy to wipe- so I may try to do that type for the kitchen and family room as those reallllllly need to be easy to wipe down more so than the rest of the house.

Half Bath
We may add a chair rail in here where the blue meets the lighter color. For this room, I didn’t paint the top half of the room which saved me a lot of time. By just doing the blue on the lower half, I took care of the real issue- the fingerprints and dirt and marks being difficult to wipe off- without the added effort of repainting the top half which doesn’t really get dirty. Painting where little hands can reach! That’s the trick.

Dining Room

Excuse the clutter, I’ll eventually take a video of the main level once everything is painted.

I also whipped up some new curtains for the half bath seeing my old ones no longer matched. Wish I’d gotten better pictures, but the light coming through the window made it difficult.

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