Lunch Date at Seasons 52

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Lunch at Seasons 52 in Columbia, MarylandI’m not a food blogger., although that role WOULD be appealing, given how much I love to eat. But we don’t get out much and the whole “savor your food” ship sailed 3 years ago. These days, we just inhale. At some point I will teach my children to mindfully eat their meals, but for now I’m just happy when we make it 15 minutes without no electronics, no crying, and no food fights. 
I was excited to hear that my friend Nena had tried out the Seasons 52 restaurant that went in at the Columbia (Maryland) mall and loved it. My mom was in town so she took the kids for a stroll and lunch in the mall while my husband and I had a chance to try this place out. Exciting stuff! I’m always grateful for a quiet dinner. 
My favorite part of the meal was the $15 wine flight. I chose the white wines and received three different white wines to try. After, I picked my favorite and received a full glass of it. The price includes the flatbread and I picked the blackened steak and blue cheese. It was nice because the wines were nicely labeled and added some details about them. The flatbread was excellent. All the meals are also under 475 calories apparently (am I wrong to doubt this? It tasted so good).

I like the location of some of these mall restaurants because it really does make a decent place for a date if you’ve got young children who don’t like being without you. Babysitter can walk the mall if you’ve got fussy kids, get McDonalds, play in play area, etc. If child can’t be soothed, then you’re close by to pop in if needed. Not to sound super controlling, but my children have both fit into the “high needs” category… our first used to scream the entire time we were gone when we left him with babysitters unless you kept him moving the whole time. Our babysitter liked to wear her running shoes when she came… seriously. 

Here’s some food porn from our lunch. 

A cup of butternut squash soup.
Tomato and Mozzarella Salad (front), Scallops (lunch special- back)

Fish tacos!

For dessert, they bring out this tray to show their options so essentially who can refuse? It’s a pretty good marketing strategy because we weren’t going to get dessert. We got dessert. Mine (pictured on right) was the s’mores option. Marshmallows. Yum.

Just a disclaimer.. or non disclaimer. I wasn’t compensated or asked to write this post. I mostly just wanted an excuse to show off my lunch. Because show and tell isn’t just for kids.

Sharing is caring!

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