Easy, yummy chicken recipes!

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These are a few of our favorite chicken recipes.

I wanted to share these recipes I found and loved recently as I always have trouble finding chicken recipes I like that aren’t buffalo chicken.

Here’s a few of our new favorites:

My favorite was the chicken bacon ranch… It’s like the Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake that I make, except not spicy.

My 2.5 yr old, G, refuses to eat chicken of any type (no chicken nuggets even!) and he ate this… Two days in a row! Psyched. I’m pretty sure the leftovers were even better than freshly made. I do think that preparing them as frozen meals isn’t quite as yummy as prepping all the ingredients and cooking them the same day- but it’s not a big enough difference to make me not want to do it. Usually when I make this I use bacon from Costco and the container is so big that I make two meals with the bacon in one package and freeze one. Oh and my baby LOVES this recipe so that’s a win too… although he loves chicken so he isn’t too picky with his chicken recipes.

My husband’s favorite was the creamy Philly mustard chicken.

Looking for an easy yummy veggie? Look no further- check out these Easy Ranch Carrots.

And to complete the meal, these cheesecake cookie dough bars are pretty decent. Just make sure you let them cool  in fridge before eating them. They tasted pretty icky when still warm.

Sharing is caring!

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