DIY Yogurt Bites

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How to Make Yogurt Bites as a Baby Finger Food

Easy instructions about how to make yogurt bites for babies and toddlers. These are a great baby finger food and they are a DIY substitute for the freeze dried treats you can purchase in the store. 

Way back when, I wrote this super popular post about making your own baby finger food. It has been pinned 9,400 times so far on Pinterest and 52,000 page views on my blog. For my little blog, that’s a LOT. I decided to give the post a little makeover because the photo quality is pretty poor from that post.

So when I wrote that post, my first son was young, but now I’ve got an 18 month old and “the original” is 3.5 years old! How time flies! They both still love yogurt bites though, even though there’s nothing to them beyond their normal yogurt. Frozen is just more fun!

How to Make Yogurt Bites


I just cut a corner of the yogurt tube off and dispensed a tiny amount of yogurt in dots along the parchment paper.

For the hearts, I used a small cookie cutter and dispensed the yogurt into it. I used the tip of a skewer to smooth the yogurt into the cookie cutter.  

Here’s a video showing how I make these:

Sharing is caring!

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