DIY Ruffled Bloomers

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These are pretty much the cutest things EVER. I saw this tutorial and decided these shorts would be a PERFECT gift for my friend’s daughter who just had her 1st birthday. She’s still in smaller clothes so the shorts should fit! I hope! The tutorial also links this tutorial on how to resize patterns.

I didn’t do much different so I won’t add pictures of the steps she does. One thing I did different- I used upcycled fabric for part of the shorts. Recognize the fabric?

Second thing I did different- I used ribbon instead of making straps. I can’t decide which I like better… the thin ribbon allows for more admiration of the shorts themselves, but the big strap on hers is super awesome. 

Third- the fabric for the sides and ruffles that I used doesn’t fray so I didn’t finish the bottom of the ruffles like you would otherwise. Instead, I zigzagged the bottom edge while pulling the fabric tight, which makes the ends of the fabric ruffle a bit. Then I made the ruffle by folding over the top edge and using a straight stitch with a “1” tension and long stitch on my machine. Then I tugged at one string on each end to create each ruffle.

Here’s what the bottoms looked like after they were “ruffled.” 
Grabbing the string to pull to make the REAL ruffle. 
Ruffles sewn on. I used one ruffle from the second fabric, but it wasn’t as
easy to ruffle as it’s stiffer. I also had to sew it with finished edges because the material frays easily 

Finished Product

I used my embroidery machine to applique a matching onesie. The first attempt, I accidentally embroidered the back of the onesie to the front, which required cutting the onesie apart to get it off the hoop. Sigh. Second attempt, I managed to keep it a working onesie, but my star is off center. I think I figured out how to do it even for next time though. These pictures don’t really do these ruffled shorts justice… they’re so super cute.

Sharing is caring!

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