DIY Low Calorie Orange Juice

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How to make your sugar and calorie intake lower.I used to drink a lot of OJ, maybe about 2-4 glasses a day. When I was pregnant with Baby G and he started measuring big, I wasn’t sure what I needed to cut because I was eating pretty healthy. My midwives asked about juice- oh yeah that’s it (actually it was likely protein shakes, but the juice likely didn’t help either). I try to watch my sugar intake, but that was one area I tended to forget due to my love for juice.

My solution to cut calories and also, at the time, in hopes of not having the 11 lb baby was to cut my juice consumption and I eventually transitioned to drinking Trop50. I was, however, skeptical about the high price of it and the lack of availability as it is essentially watered down orange juice.

I found a blog post about it here so apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought that perhaps buying watered down orange juice might be overkill.

You won’t be able to “make it” exactly in terms of the added nutrients that they add to Trop50, but I’ve found I tend to meet my Vitamin C requirements with very little effort regardless. In fact, 8 oz of Trop50 in the morning BY ITSELF gives me 120% of my daily requirement of Vitamin C (according to MyFitnessPal info). I get about 50% of my requirement drinking 4oz of regular no pulp Tropicana with Calcium (mixing another 4oz of water into it). By the end of the day, I usually eat enough variety of foods that I should still be meeting my full Vitamin C requirements.

The one thing I’ve noticed is that my taste has adjusted to the watered down juice. Drinking it without watering it down grosses me out a bit now. I like “tuning down” my need for sugary foods. I generally do 50-50 mix of water to juice or 60 juice-40 water. I eyeball it so I’m not measuring it out every day.

The nice thing is that I started this before G was drinking juice and now I water down his juice too. It’s a REALLY good idea at his age because that’s a LOT of sugar if they drink juice all day. I usually give him 1 part juice to 4 parts water. Cutting sugar content has been helpful with him because I had some issues with his sleep when we weren’t as careful.

Sharing is caring!

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