DIY Cleaning an Oven Fan Filter

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I saw this tutorial on Pinterest so I decided to take the opportunity to clean my vent screen as well. My microwave and vent are getting on in years so I’m hoping a little TLC will extend its life!

It was a pretty simple task and it didn’t take a lot of equipment- just baking soda. I boiled the water over TWICE so I didn’t get to do it as long as I’d hoped, but you can see the difference here. This was with no scrubbing yet and with one side only submerged in the boiling water for a couple minutes.

Adding in baking soda.
Working its magic…
Don’t let it boil over. This is what happens… sigh. I’ve heard putting a wooden spoon on
top of the pot prevent this, but I have no wooden utensils! I tried with a plastic spoon- no go. 
Pot: After…. Ew.
Left: unboiled, Right: boiled. Big difference! And except for cleaning up the spills, it was easy.

Sharing is caring!

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