Changing My Car Key Battery

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I have a 2008 Toyota Prius and my batteries died on both of my key chains so I decided to finally replace the batteries. I ordered a replacement pack of 5 on Amazon:

First you need to take your key out by pushing the sliding button at the top of the key set. Pull up on the chain itself at the same time. 

Then slide the button again and remove the back. You sorta have to slide it off with your finger.

Remove the four screws- keep them somewhere safe.

Pry the piece off using a flat head screwdriver (or whatever you have available like I did).

See battery. Remove and recycle/dispose appropriately. Replace with your new battery. 

Replace screws, battery case back, back to the keys, and then the manual key. Go test it out. Baby G ran around with mine beeping it. My neighbors were probably pretty excited we fixed it… Haha. 

Sharing is caring!

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