Caprese Kabobs

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Mm I love some caprese so I decided to use my four billion cherry tomatoes from the garden to make some for our Monopoly House Party.

I used the measurements for oregano, salt, and pepper off this recipe, but followed everything else pretty loosely.

After mixing the salt, pepper and oregano, I shook in the cheese (I cut squares from a block of mozzarella). Then I added the tomatoes, also sprinkled in some dried basil, and added some oil and balsamic vinegar. Mixed, covered and refrigerated.

Later I slipped the tomatoes, mozzarella, and leaves of basil (also from my garden) onto the skewers. I placed them on a serving platter and drizzled with balsamic vinegar and oil. Because you can never have too much balsamic? Daddy B disagrees, but he also hates tomatoes so what does he know?

Here’s some pictures of them all finished!

Sharing is caring!

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