A Month to Happiness: An eJournal {New Release!}

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Journaling about Happy Memories to Combat Depression, Anxiety, and Grief

I wanted to take a few moments to promote my eBook, A Month to Happiness: An eJournal. In the past, I have blogged about my Happiness Journal and I decided to create an eJournal similar to my own journal in order to help others get started on journaling about happy memories.

This journal has been extremely helpful for me during times of sadness or grief in maintaining a more positive attitude, and helping me overcome depression and anxiety. I try to write in it daily and I read it when I’m feeling unhappy. I find it difficult to ruminate over problems when I’m reading or writing about happy memories. I hope you will also find it helpful.

This eJournal is currently available on eJunkie for only $1.99. This eJournal can be filled out as a PDF or you can print it to fill it in by hand.

A Month to Happiness: An eJournal is a guided eJournal designed to help you focus on the positive aspects of your life and to improve your mood. Each page has two writing prompts and there are a total of thirty pages.

Sharing is caring!

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